Maths Week

RI has celebrated our annual maths week! To kick it off, a number of brave teachers competed against some of our top student mathematicians in ‘Are you smarter than an RI mathlete?’ The teachers won supreme in both assemblies but it was a close challenge. Throughout the rest of the week students answered daily maths questions, created superb maths posters, hunted for a hidden jar of lollies and made hundreds of guesses as to how many it contained. 

A highlight of maths week is always our high spirited year group mathex competitions. Each year, classes put forward a team of 4 problem solvers to compete against each other through a series of 20 tough math questions. For 30 minutes, the hall was a scene of cheering, sprinting and fierce mental calculations until a top team from each year group took out top place:

Year 7 - Room 13
Year 8 - Room 24