International Day

One of the strengths of RI is the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students.  Each year we hold an International Day to celebrate this diversity.

Class Involvement

All students are encouraged to bring an outfit to School that represents their cultural background.  They also bring a plate of food for a syndicate shared lunch that provides the opportunity for all students to experience food from other cultures.

International Day Assembly

Parents, caregivers and whanau are invited to the International Day Assembly that provides an opportunity for groups and individuals of all cultural backgrounds to perform for the School and our community.  The School Kapa Haka Group opens the Assembly which incorporates a wide array of song and dance.

Performance groups are formed in the weeks leading up to International Day.  Practices are usually held at lunchtimes under the guidance of teachers and parents.  We encourage parents and caregivers to become involved in guiding a group.

International Day Contact

Robin Gatfield