Enviro Squad

The Enviro Squad focuses on promoting sustainability principles through effective use of resources.  Waste audits are done to measure how effectively we are minimising our waste.

Students are encouraged to do the following:

  • Use the correct bins to minimise waste going to the land fill.
    We have a Worm farm and Hungry bins to compost food scraps and we use Green bins/buckets to collect the food scraps.
    Blue recycling bins should be used only for Recyclable plastic, glass and metal.
    Red bins are to be used for Landfill rubbish – all chip packets and general rubbish.
  • Reduce the use of plastic by using reusable containers.
  • Minimise food waste – bringing healthy food enough to eat. At the moment about 20 kg of food waste is being generated per day.  Food Waste should be only fruit waste and inedible waste.
  • Using paper effectively – writing on both sides of the paper.
  • Being respectful and inclusive of other cultures.
  • Turning off computers and lights in classrooms when not needed.
  • Ensure that the school is tidy – no littering.