Technology is an exciting learning area at RI, a speciality area that challenges students in ways unlike any other subject.  Our students work analytically and creatively to solve authentic problems.  They trial and create potential solutions to these problems by putting their innovative ideas into practice.  In Technology, students learn the practical and academic skills essential for high achievement in life, tertiary study and future careers. 

In Technology our students are involved in:

  • identifying real needs                     
  • ​ideas generation
  • ​design                                               
  • planning
  • meeting stakeholders’ needs          
  • making modifications
  • problem solving                                 
  • thinking critically
  • teamwork                                          
  • managing their time and resources
  • construction / practical activities    
  • working with real industry experts
  • testing                                                
  • modelling
  • reflection and evaluation

Technology Areas

In Year 7 all students experience seven specialist programmes:

  • Food Technology       
  • Multi Materials Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Performance Arts
  • Digitech
  • Music
  • French/Language Culture

They enjoy six weeks of each programme with two classes per week.

In Year 8, students select three of these areas. They benefit from delving deeper into their chosen programmes with two hours each week for approximately twelve weeks.

Curriculum Manager

The Technology Curriculum Manager is Sonja Potter - 


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