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Central Zones Table Tennis

In Term 2, a group of 13 keen table tennis players took part in the CZ table tennis competition. All of our players started in a round robin set of games to see who would go through to the knockout stage. Of our 14 players most of them got through. We even had our own players having to play each other in the knockout rounds. 

For the girls’ competition Jocelyn Lam had to play Aanya Dewan in the semi final which stopped us from claiming first and second place. Jocelyn was in great form and won the final which put RI in first and third places for the girls’ singles competition.

Central Zones Table Tennis

There was an amazing response to a call for table tennis players to represent our school at Central Zone tournament. We put together our teams of six girls and six boys, made up of two singles players and two pairs of doubles each. Then, it was off to the Auckland Table Tennis Stadium for a full day of play on the 20th June.

Central Zones Table Tennis Tournament 2018

On Thursday 21 June 2018 nine excited team members descended on the Auckland Table Tennis Centre in Gillies Avenue to play in the Central Zones Tournament.

Our team comprised of 6 boys and 3 girls:

Justin Chao and Omesh Gupta - Year 8 Boys Doubles Team
Came 2nd in the finals. Lost by one point to ANI in the 5th game

David Li and Jayden Cheung - Year 7 Boys Doubles Team 
Won all their 5 round games to enter the quarter finals