CZ Girls Basketball

Imagine this...9 hardworking girls, 24 minute games, 7 matches, questionable fractured fingers, ZERO breaks for food and one stressed out Miss Sellon. Yes, this is what Central Zones looked like this year!

What a ride this season has been, not only did COVID wipe out our training sessions, we were scheduled 7 back to back games at the one tournament of the year.


CZ Boys Basketball

It’s been a tough year for sport and basketball is no exception. Heading to Central Zone Basketball, the boys were nervous due to the lack of practices they’d been able to have this season due to COVID. Despite this, they played extremely well, demonstrating fantastic teamwork, accurate shooting and ball skills that the NBA would be impressed by!

They were extremely lucky to be accompanied by their supportive coach Johnny, the day wouldn’t have been as successful if he wasn’t there.


Central Zone Girls Basketball 2019

This year the CZ Girls Basketball Team brought a strong energetic attitude throughout their 9 games. We managed to arrive at our first game only minutes before the match in which the girls fought hard to defeat St.Cuthberts. Next up was Mt. Roskill, who really challenged us with their aggression. However, our team came out on top with their non-stop commitment and determination. I was so impressed with the new found confidence the girls gained while carrying the ball down the court and hitting nothing but net!  BALLIN!


Central Zone Boys Basketball 2019

Central Zone Basketball is traditionally a very difficult competition to progress from with 16 teams competing for 1 spot at Interzones, every game is vital. 

After much practise and a great showing in the Term 2 local competitions, the RI Raptors team were hopeful of making the finals at C/Z. Immediately, we started at full throttle, coming out of the gates fast with an onslaught of quick buckets. This continued through pool play with convincing wins against both Waikowhai A and Marcellin College.