Students must attend School dressed in correct uniform at all times including to and from school. We expect students to take pride in their appearance including socks being pulled up, shirts tucked in (boys) and clean shoes.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: From 2021 we are moving toward all students wearing the black school jumper only. The red school jumper is optional for the remainder of 2021 and 2022. From 2023 only the black jumper will be worn by all students and as such the red school jumper is no longer available to purchase. All RI uniform requirements are available from the School Uniform Centre, Remuera Road www.schooluniformcentre.co.nz.  

A second hand uniform sale is held at School in late January each year.  Second hand uniform items can be purchased at other times by contacting the PTA - ptachair@remint.school.nz


  • Culottes or skirt – regulation checked culottes or skirt
  • Blouse – regulation short sleeved, white, open-necked fitted shirt
  • Jumper – regulation red or black v-neck jumper
  • Footwear – regulation black leather lace-up school shoes with white ankle socks, or black leather sandals (Terms 1 and 4 only).                                          


  • Shorts – regulation charcoal shorts
  • Shirt – regulation short sleeved, striped shirt
  • Jumper – regulation red or black v-neck jumper
  • Footwear – regulation black leather lace-up school shoes with regulation black full length socks, or black leather sandals (Terms 1 and 4 only).

Examples of appropriate footwear:


PE Uniform (Unisex)

  • Regulation black sports shorts
  • Regulation black sports shirt
  • Sports shoes, sports socks


  • Sunhat – regulation RI brimmed sunhat must be worn outdoors during Terms 1 and 4.  This is available at the November orientation evening, before School on the first two days of the school year and at other times from the School Office
  • Scarf – the official School scarf (red and grey stripe) may be worn outside during Terms 2 and 3
  • Jacket – regulation RI sports jacket is optional and for outdoor use only. Not to be worn indoors.
  • Rain jacket – students may also use a red or black waterproof rain jacket            
  • Watches – watches are permitted. Smartwatches must not be used to message during the school day.
  • Jewellery – one pair of plain ear studs may be worn. Other types of earings can pose a safety concern. 

All uniform items must be clearly marked with the owner's name.  The School does not accept responsibility for the loss of items of clothing or personal belongings.