Year 8 Camp 2021

Year 8 groups marched off to camp at Port Waikato. We had such a great time out and about with all the different activities on offer.

Day 1 saw us hiking up a huge mountain, so steep we had to pull ourselves up with ropes! That night, everyone was made to walk the Burma Trail in the dark. It was terrifying and the parents had way too much fun trying to scare us. The next morning was a challenge as we didn't get much sleep the night before. We had a fun-filled day of activities including BMX racing, archery, and rock climbing. 

“Go!” I hear and I zoom off down the track. The wind rushes past my face, clouds of dust following in my wake as I drift around the sharpest of corners. In the background, I hear distant shouts of encouragement but I have to focus on the track. I feel the grips underneath my hand get sweaty as the final jump gets ever so close. I close my eyes and I feel my bike lift up into the air for what feels like hours. Finally, I feel my wheels land back onto the track and I know the record’s mine!
Angus Birchenough's experience on the BMX track.