World Vision 40 Hour Famine

Our challenge was to live without something we rely on for 40 hours, such as transport, furniture, technology or food. The point was to experience life without one of our necessities to give a child the tools they need for a hunger-free future.

We decided to make our fundraising goal $4,000. However, in total we raised an amazing $13,470! The funds we raised will help protect children in Sub-Saharan Africa threatened by the hunger pandemic. What an amazing job we did!

The 40 Hour Famine was just around the corner. I was psyched! Reluctantly I pulled the sheet off my bed and lay it on the carpet. That was my ‘bed’ for the next two nights. Then I ambled downstairs and sat patiently waiting for the clock on the wall to show it was 8 pm.

‘Tick’ Tock’ Finally! The time had come for me and my friends to begin the 40 Hour Famine. I pulled myself off the comfy armchair and slouched down onto the floor. I grabbed an enticing novel and read that to distract me from the comfy furniture around me. I had to eat my dinner on the floor, while my family sat at the dinner table. Luckily my dinner was so good that I forgot I was sitting on the cold, hard floorboards.

Hours passed and it was time for bed. I padded my way upstairs, the floor was waiting for me. Although my bed looked so inviting with its plump cushions and flannelette sheets, I had to sleep on the floor.

My room was flooded with light the next morning. I knew I had to adhere to the rules and eat breakfast on the floor. I ate quickly so I could go play outside and pass some time. Later that night family friends came over. While they sat on the couch discussing the latest news, I was left to sprawl on the floor. Soon it was time to sleep on the floor again. But this time my dad gave me a wheat bag, to give me some extra warmth.

I woke the next morning and for a moment forgot about the 40 Hour Famine. I was about to jump onto the sofa to read, but I stopped myself. No, I couldn’t do that! So I plonked down on the rug. The last few hours were definitely the most challenging, because I was at the mall with my friends and had to eat at a restaurant standing up. 

I walked into a clothing store and then my phone started ringing. Startled by the noise, I whipped out my phone. YAY! It was my alarm, reminding me that the 40 hours were over!. The famine was tough but I conquered it.

Throughout my time without furniture, I thought of the good I was doing. When I returned home, I donated $105 to help children in need in Sub-Saharan Africa. I am so glad I participated in this wonderful fundraiser and I’m so proud of Remuera Intermediate for soaring past our goal of $4000.

Alice Pitchers 
Room 4