William Pike Mountain Biking Trip

  • On Friday 31st July 2020 the William Pike Challenge team adventured out to Woodhill Forest for mountain biking. I was lucky enough to be put in Team Pohutukawa with Jess being the instructor for our group. Mountain Biking was an awesome experience that everyone in Jess’ group seemed to thoroughly enjoy. At the beginning we started on a very basic course just to warm up and as the day went on we moved up a stage. Personally my highlight for the day was going over all of the roots and little obstacles along the way. Mountain biking was an adventure in itself; overcoming all of the challenges, and just having lots of fun. Mountain Biking is something that I would definitely go back and do.
    Eden Hogg
  • For some of us, Mountain Biking was a new experience. We had a remarkable day at Woodhill. Our group instructor Dave learnt all of our names in only a few seconds! Dave taught us new skills and tips we should know when we ever do Mountain Biking. Out of all the tracks we did, our group’s favourite track was No Vacancy. It was just so smooth that we all went quite fast. We all tried very hard using our brakes and practiced when to stand up and when to sit down. We all had lots of fun and we would want to come back again sometime. 
    Yume Endo
  • We were in Group Kahikatea with Johnny on our Mountain Biking trip. It was super fun and we all had a great time. One of the last courses we did was No Vacancy. It had loads of bumps and small steeps, uphill and down. This was one of our many favourite courses. It was really challenging getting up steep hills and getting over big roots. At the end we had races, except we tried to go as slow as possible as opposed to zooming off. It was really interesting to learn about the different gears and what they help with. Overall this trip was really fun and we would love to go back.
    Hannah and Anna
  • We had a super fun time in Group Rimu. Our favourite trails were Handle the Jandle, No Vacancy, Sunday Drive and Level 2. Our instructor Rob taught us tonnes about facing roots and getting airtime. We did tonnes of really cool drops and hit massive jumps.
    Jonathan Moody