William Pike Challenge 2019 – Puhoi

The William Pike Challenge is under way already! Wasting no time at all, the Challenge Group for 2019 were straight into the thick of it in Week 2. 
While the day initially seemed to be nothing but brilliant sunshine, the weather had much more in store for our trip to Puhoi. After a morning of team building and preparation by the river, we dropped into the water on our kayaks ready for action.
The first challenge of the year? To kayak from Puhoi all the way down the river to Wenderholm. 
As we progressed down the river, it became clear that while the sun was beaming down happily upon us, the wind had other ideas. Blowing directly at us with increasing strength as the river widened, the group really had to persevere through fatigue and hunger to eventually make it successfully to our final destination. 

We’re already looking forward to our next outdoor challenge - bring it on!