Virtualathon - PTA Fundraiser



We are hoping to raise enough to purchase a class set of Virtual Reality Headsets with access to a curriculum based resource library of pre-installed 360 degree videos and images. RI is bringing Virtual, Augmented and Mised Realities to our classrooms, enabling our children to interact in virtual worlds.  

VR Headsets will send our students to the moon, take them to Scott’s Terra Nova hut in Antarctica or let them hold the remains of an ancient skull in their hands.  Or students can experience the forces in play on a plane in flight by sitting in the cockpit of a Hawk Jet. These are just a few experiences on offer through the resource library. VR Headsets will help bring our curriculum to life! 

Each RI student has been given a questionnaire with answers and a sponsorship/donation form.  We hope that with your support and encouragement, students will get involved and support their community.

Our students will be participating in the question and answer session on Thursday 5th September. We hope that students and families will get behind this Virtual-A-Thon, have fun learning the questions and enjoy the experience of supporting the future development of Remuera Intermediate. This is a great opportunity for students to contribute to their community. 

Thank you for your support and enjoy the new conversation starters at the dinner table!