Updates on 2021 Enrolment Applications

In Zone Enrolments

Under the current Alert Level 3 in Auckland, we understand it is not possible for parents/caregivers of In Zone students for Remuera Intermediate to obtain a Justice of Peace or Solicitor’s signature to complete the statutory declaration required as part of the enrolment process. Therefore, at this stage we are happy to accept all In Zone Applications without the Statutory Declaration. We will follow up on this requirement at a later stage when we move to Level 2 or Level 1.

Ensuring your application is submitted by Wednesday 2 September 2020 assists us in planning our staffing, resources and spaces available for Out of Zone applications via the ballot. Late In Zone enrolments can put significant pressure on the school if we have been unable to adequately plan for them. We appreciate you making this a priority.

Out of Zone Ballot

We have received confirmation from the Ministry of Education that the Out of Zone Ballot date remains unchanged. Our ballot will take place as planned on Wednesday 9 September 2020.

For all Out of Zone Applicants, your completed applications must be received by 3:30pm on Wednesday 2nd September 2020, no exceptions. The Out of Zone Ballot is a legal process that must be completed under official scrutiny. In our case, a Justice of the Peace witnesses our ballot and provides written confirmation that all processes are carried out in accordance with the Education Act. Priorities for Out of Zone acceptance are outlined in our Enrolment Scheme.

During Alert Level 3 completed enrolment application forms, with all supporting documentation are received by email enrolments@remint.school.nz, or in person at the RI office 8am - 1pm Monday to Friday.