Technology Showcase 2018

On Thursday 13th September the Technology Showcase took place in our school hall.

Students and their parents were able to see some of the work our students have been involved in so far this year. It was a great opportunity for our Year 7 students to see what the Year 8’s get up to and hopefully it gave them more information on which to base their option choices for next year. It was also the perfect chance for our students to showcase all the hard work they have put into their technology classes this year!

At RI we pride ourselves on challenging students and our technology classes provide a medium to challenge them in ways unlike any other subject. Technology is a very ‘hands on’ subject and provides opportunities for all students to achieve success. It also allows some ‘life skills’ to be incorporated into our programmes.

The point of difference an Intermediate School has, is its’ specialist classes. At RI we have a very strong team of teachers who constantly strive to ensure the programmes they present to our students are the best on offer.

Our Tech team encourage the students to be critical thinkers and innovative in what they are designing.

Displays from Bio Tech, Soft Materials, Food Tech and Hard Materials were amazing. Students in each of these areas were able to show and tell visitors about the work they have been doing and products created.

Our guest speaker was Laura Smith - Spatial Designer.  She trained in Fine Arts, film and prop design and runs a successful business in spatial design. Laura totally captivated the audience with her presentation of the design journey of one of her projects involving a local cafe.