Starburst Performance 2019 – Internetional Showcase

Starburst members have been together since August 2018 when they were Year 7’s to present as Year 8’s.

After a year of fun, working hard and practicing, the Starburst group (23 students) created an original production for our school. Behind the curtains we sat locking eyes and smiling nervously. Final deep breaths were exhaled as our RI AI
(Artificial Intelligence Teacher) spoke to us for the first time.

Our show, "Internetional Showcase" was about a typical Year 8 class that were set a project by their RI AI to create a presentation showcasing the culture, dance, music, food, languages etc of a chosen country. They are told to have a wide coverage of the globe without too many from any one continent. The students work hard and finish their projects just in time to present. In glorious national costumes the students danced to a mix of traditional and modern music. The countries investigated were: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Italy, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Ireland, Fiji, Niue and Nigeria. Of course, we also sang a beloved Kiwi song at the end to represent our home - Aotearoa by Stan Walker complete with poi and haka. 

While our group had to disband, we were still really excited and happy that our show went well and we had an audience of well over 100 people to watch our original production. Starburst in 2019 was a fantastic, multicultural success!