Rotorua Mountain Bike Camp

In the middle weekend of the school holidays Duncan Turnbull, our parent coordinator, arranged a MTB (mountain bike) camp in Rotorua for RI’s cycling club members. 

There were four Year 8 and nine Year 7 riders who attended the camp.

We went to Rotorua to improve our skills at the mountain bike park. Rotorua was a very enjoyable and interesting experience. It was sometimes very funny, but also scary when there were crashes!  We improved our ability on a MTB to go faster down the trails. We had a great day on Saturday getting coached by Louis Hamilton on how to descend faster. It was an exhilarating experience for all of us and a new experience for most of us.

Some of us went to the Rotorua air bag, (Kyle, Hunter, Robert and Toby). It was fun going off the big jump and the landing was safe and soft. It felt like a big fluffy marshmallow. We all learnt new tricks and improved our jumping skills.

On Saturday night the RI team went out for dinner. There were a large number of kids and parents, 31 in total. It was a fun get together and we all made new friends and riding buddies. The parents did a very good job at organising the trip and we are all very grateful for the time and effort dedicated to it. 

By Hunter Barrow & Kyle Paris