Room 27 Bin Lid Project

The school purchased new classroom bins this term, however it soon became apparent that they were difficult to distinguish between landfill waste and recycling.

Mr Nicholls and a selection of students from Room 27 saw this as the perfect opportunity to offer service to RI and learn a few new practical skills along the way.

A design for each bin type was laser cut out of 3mm MDF and painted in easily identifiable colours.

Students were taught how to paint, drill and rivet these designs to the new bin lids.

The result: Clearly labelled bins in classrooms throughout the school, and some very appreciative students and teachers.

Learning a few new skills along the way was the icing on the cake for these Room 27 troopers!

Mr Nicholls would like to thank the school for providing the materials and his class for their perseverance in seeing this project through.