Remuera Library Win With Words Competition

Every year Remuera Library runs a writing competition called 'Win With Words' for Year 7 and 8 students across the Remuera and Orakei area.

There are 11 schools eligible for this competition and this year RI students did exceptionally well.

We would like to congratulate:

Year 7
Gemma Beasley (Rm14) for being awarded 3rd place in the Year 7 competition.

Year 8
Poppy Roberts (Rm 4) who won the Year 8 competition, Aimee Waterhouse (Rm 20) who came 2nd and Naru Simpson (Rm 28) who came 3rd.
Anja White (Rm 27) for her Remuera Heritage Prize

Along with these placings, several runner-ups were also awarded and RI students also proudly featured among these prizewinners:
Ella King (Rm 3), Tessa Morris (Rm 3), Janis Chua (Rm 3), Samuel Reeves (Rm 28)

We are very proud of our award-winning writers!