A peek inside our Specialist Classrooms

Te Reo – Ms Skelton
The walls of the new Te Akomanga Reo show photos of the 15 Year 8 classes who are experiencing a performance based Te Reo Maori experience. In class, it is all about whakarongo, titiro, kōrero (listen, look, speak) and for homework it is all about whakarongo, titiro, tuhituhi (listen, look, write).

Food – Mrs Potter
Wander along the upstairs corridor any time of the day and your senses will be tantalised by the aromas wafting from the foods room; salsa, aioli, cauliflower rice pizzas, bagels, courgette fritters, pasta bake are a few of the recipes being created in this busy space. In Year 7 it’s all about having fun in teams, creating delicious food and building confident cooks who have the knowledge to make good food choices.  Year 8 enjoys a similar experience plus they are made aware of a variety of food related career opportunities; food scientist, food technologist, nutritionist, chef.

Multi Materials – Mr MacCulloch
This year, in Year 7 we are designing and making containers to hold a specific item or present. In Year 8 we are constructing land yachts, designing sails and racing them.


Year 7 Performance Arts – Mr Zemke
Year 7 students will be offered a brand new programme called Performance. Over several lessons the students will be given multiple opportunities to perform and boost their confidence to act, sing and dance.

Year 8 Performance Media – Mr Zemke
There will be opportunities for students to create several projects including video productions that will involve green-screening effects and animation. In addition, they will also be given the option of creating video or stage performances. They will be able to choose many of the elements for their final project.

Digitech – Mrs Herbert
Year 7 and Year 8 students have enjoyed this new area. They have been using Sphero robots to follow specific paths and have learnt 3 different ways to make the Sphero move - Drive, Draw and Programme. 


Visual Art – Mrs Sturgiss
Year 7s are creating large painted cardboard fish. They are learning how to blend and shade using colour families.
Year 8s are carving their lino fish (it seems to be the theme for Term 1), printing onto backgrounds and then rolling them in clay. After firing and glazing they will become a ‘School of Fish’ to be exhibited at Sculpture On Shore at the end of the year.

French – Mrs Gordon
French students at RI are really enjoying having their own classroom this year upstairs in the Specialist Block. Year 7 and Year 8 students alike are learning to have a conversation in French using a variety of greetings, introducing themselves, spelling their names, asking how they are feeling and thanking and responding to thanks.
Students have also learnt where France is in the world and created a hand-drawn map showing many geographical features and the names of France’s neighbours.
One class has made French toast and eaten it in the French café, listening to French music.

Music – Mrs Issa
Year 7s main learning outcome is to be able to play Keyboard, Ukulele and Drum parts in groups of 3 or 4 students, creating a small ‘Rock Band’.
Music students have been learning to play a song called “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic. Students spent several weeks mastering the Keyboard and Ukulele chords, as well as learning several drum patterns to be able to provide a steady beat. In the next few weeks they are going to get in their small bands to put the skills they have learned to the test.