Lockdown Drill - Friday 1 September 2023

As part of keeping our school safe, we need to be able to respond safely and quickly to a range of emergency situations.  

We work alongside an independent company, Harrison Tew®, who specialises in emergency management planning for schools, whose procedures have been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand.

As part of maintaining our emergency procedures in our school, specialised training is being conducted with our senior leadership and staff by Harrison Tew®.

The students will also receive information on how to respond in an emergency directed at their respective age groups from either their teacher or Harrison Tew®.

We will then be conducting a lockdown exercise under the guidance and support of Harrison Tew®.

During the exercise, you will receive a notification from the school, so it is important that your emergency contact details are up to date and correct.  The notification will emphasize that this is an exercise/practice and will explain that all updated information will then be posted on the school website.

In a genuine incident, should you become aware of a lockdown or evacuation at the school, can we please ask that you do not attend the school or phone, as we will not be able to respond.  Your presence or contact may make it more difficult for us or the emergency services to manage a situation.

We thank you for your support.