Kids Lit Quiz

Do you know what Joy Cowley’s novel ‘The Changeover’ has in common with the ‘Twilight’ series?

Who wrote ‘Treasure Island’?

What is the name of the house elf that despises Sirius Black?

Forty teams gathered in Saint Cuthbert’s College Hall on Friday 21 May. Eight students made up two RI teams that spent a morning representing our school in the 2021 heats of the International Kids’ Lit Quiz.

It was great fun, with an element of competition, personal challenge and teamwork for children whose passion is reading. The students were amazed to hear the quizmaster, Wayne Mills, has been running this event for 30 years. The winning team goes to the national quiz held in Wellington, which usually leads into an international competition. For obvious reasons, that will not take place this year. Maybe that will be next year’s team goal.

Both RI teams had a good spread of knowledge and worked together impressively to answer 100 wide-ranging, book related questions arranged in ten categories.

Remuera Intermediate Team 1 finished in seventh place. Remuera Intermediate Team 2 scored in the mid-field of the results table. Both teams were very happy with their efforts and results. Max even won a spot prize. Well done RI quizzers!