Immigration Simulation

This term Year 7’s theme is : It’s a Big Wide World; Leave Nothing but Footprints.

We are looking into why humans move around the world and the impact that this can have from a range of perspectives.  The Year 7 teachers wanted our students to be immersed in a situation that was unfamiliar and not what they had expected on the first day of the term. We planned an activity that we hoped would introduce the unit in a memorable and exciting way.

After our first assembly of Term 3 we asked all Year 7 students to remain in the hall.  Then we opened up the RI Immigration Centre.  With the help of some enthusiastic Year 8’s, each student passed through a series of border patrols and once they cleared customs, were assigned to a new country (classroom) for the morning. Some found themselves with new teachers, new friends situated in new classrooms.

This was a rich experience for our students and throughout the day our conversations and follow up activities were insightful and thought provoking. Year 7’s have started the unit in an enthusiastic manner and we look forward to building the momentum across the term!