EPro8 Interschool Competition

Yesterday our top teams from RI competed at the EPro8 InterSchool competition at Glenfield Intermediate. 

This was the first time we entered this competition and we were battling against seasoned veterans who have been doing this for a number of years. Super proud of the effort from our 2 teams.

Congratulations to the "Shooting Stars" who battled valiantly throughout the evening but unfortunately it wasn't their night. They narrowly missed out on qualifying for the finals. They should be commended for attempting an insanely tough challenge though, if they would have been successful in finishing that, we would have seen a podium finish for them. 

Our second team "The Brainy Bunny Buddies" did a bit better, actually a whole lot better, not only did they make it to the top 4 finish - which grants them entry to the Finals, they ended up winning the whole thing! They finished 1st equal on the night together with Takapuna Normal Intermediate. The Brainy Bunny Buddies displayed very good teamwork, time management and strategy throughout the challenge.