Enviro Week - 2020

Monday - Rubbish Campaign
Members of The Social Changency came out at the end of lunchtime to encourage others to help pick up any litter. The area was transformed.
Thank you to everyone that pitched in to care for our school environment.

Tuesday - Transport
Tuesday's theme was to encourage more students to choose ways to get to school that were more sustainable than driving in cars. 
At lunchtime, our schoolmates were given a gift if they carpooled, biked, scootered, took public transport or walked instead of being driven by their families. 
We were lucky that we did not run out of stationery for all of those students that decided to get to school differently!

Wednesday - 2040 Movie Screening
We had more than 60 students enjoy learning the important environmental messages in the 2019 documentary '2040'.
The film explains the way we can be most sustainable using the technology that already exists.

Thursday - Create a Poster
Today we got roughly 20 children to make a poster about saving the environment.
They only had the time of our lunch hour to create an original idea sharing an environmental message.
Check out their awesome designs and them while they are creating graphics.

Friday - Big Quiz
During the week we asked for classes to choose two students to represent them in a quiz on the environment.
16 classes sent students to take part on the day.
Everyone really enjoyed themselves. There were six sections, Air and Water, Who is this?, Plastic, Spelling, Pollution and Endangered Animals.