CZ Girls Basketball

Imagine this...9 hardworking girls, 24 minute games, 7 matches, questionable fractured fingers, ZERO breaks for food and one stressed out Miss Sellon. Yes, this is what Central Zones looked like this year!

What a ride this season has been, not only did COVID wipe out our training sessions, we were scheduled 7 back to back games at the one tournament of the year.

Since day one this group of girls have proven to me how coachable, resilient, skilled, energetic, aggressive and mature they can be. We ended up playing our toughest competitor first (Kowhai) which the ladies put up a good fight! 

The next 7 games were an emotional roller coaster with some wins and some losses. However, I can’t express enough how the girls didn’t back down, despite never having a break for food.

Throughout these exhausting games the girls managed to keep smiling and positive. Honourable mentions to Loreeta Sadd with her constant energy and numerous baskets. As well, Christelle McGuire for making a shocking 3-pointer!

We ended up tying for 6th place, I am very proud of how this team kept their composure and smiles throughout the entire day!