Cycling - Pukekohe Points Race

Sunday 16th May marked the first road race of the 2021 season for our RI cyclists.
An awesome effort was made by all our riders for their first ever road race. Duncan Turnbull, our parent in charge of the Cycling Club, was really impressed that at this age our riders are strategizing, using drafting and teamwork.
He says the learning from these races is invaluable -  What speed can I hold for 4+ laps? When do I sprint? What gear should I be in? Who should I draft behind? Can I find someone to work with as a team, to catch up to the bunch?
The highlight was seeing the U13s boys finish 1,2,3 out of a field of 16.
First - Cole Feringa
Second - James Syme and Marcus Bethell
After the race the main comment from the riders was “That was awesome!”