Cycling News - The SKODA Northern Tour

Over the weekend of 3rd & 4th September, 12 riders from the RI Cycling Club competed in the SKODA Northern Tour event.

This tour consists of three races; an Individual Time Trial (ITT) along Dunkirk Rd Panmure, a Hill Climb up Mt Wellington, and a Criterium (road race circuit).

Duncan Turnbull, our parent coordinator and manager of the Cycling Club reported the amazing performances and results in these three very different types of races which were extremely challenging. Some kids raced consistently, others hated hill climbs, others loved hill climbs, some hated racing on Saturdays while others hated racing on Sundays.

Congratulations to these riders who received medals and certificates
Cole Feringa - 2nd in U14 National ITT, National Hill Climb and Criterium. Cole’s General Classification result, 2nd. 
Ava Donnelly - 3rd in U13 National ITT and National Hill Climb.
Thomas Still - 2nd in U13 Criterium.

Congratulations to all the riders for competing and finishing safely and to the parents and families for their encouragement and support.