Central Zones Tag Rugby 2019

14 boys and 14 girls travelled to Cox’s Bay Reserve to take part in the Central/West tag tournament. Within the girls and boys sections, there were teams of a very high calibre.

The boys won five out of their six games but unfortunately, the boys' team lost a vital game against Manurewa Intermediate by 2 points. The boys played outstandingly and their teamwork surpassed all other teams. Not only were the boys outstanding on the field but also off, being commended by a parent from another school.

The girls had a challenging day but this did not stop them from being determined to come away with a win on the day. The girls teams constantly supported one another and their teamwork never faulted under the pressure of keeping up with other teams.

All in all, it was a great day to see the teams hard work pay off and show their skills.

Girls - Anita Iese, Kayo Findsen, Berengere Profit, Kunita Tomu, Coco Lorenzon, Mischa Romans, Putri Ardana, Zahra Alethary, Natalie, Ramona Welbourne-Morris, Kimora Lee, Samie Barclay, Miko Maejima-Ngamoki, Sj Wong Cee

Boys - Austin Masters, Boston Krone, Lisiate Akolo, Riley Leaver, Cohen Raddock, Aj Blachin, Kace Hipkins, Quinn Moss, Isiah Silipa, Dayton Taiala, Cooper Peters, Cyrus Wharepotel, George Bardy, Tom Worn