Central Zones Girls Softball Year 8

The Year 8 girls softball team travelled to the Mt Roskill softball grounds for CZ. There were 12 teams competing from all over Auckland. We had an incredible day playing hard against the other teams. Even though we lost our first game, we had an amazing comeback in the next game winning 10-0. The day was challenging but we stayed strong, worked together and came third in our pool. Softball is an awesome game even though we only had three weeks of lunchtime practice. We are grateful to have the opportunity of representing RI and would like to thank our wonderful coach, Mrs Sturgiss.

The team : Kate Hall (captain), Hayley Taylor, Emily Hill, Lucy Beveridge, Isla Pengelly, Makayla Gillen, Christelle McGuire, Amelie Drumm, Moksha Shastri, Shelby Moncur-Burmeister, Putri Ardana.