Central Zones Boys Netball 2018

The Boys Netball teams had another very successful year in our Zone competitions.

The Year 7 team were strong across the court. We came together very well in our final few trainings and went through the entire Central Zone competition undefeated. Our team were extremely supportive of each other, but also showed fantastic sportsmanship to all opposition teams throughout the tournament - an exemplary effort for all other RI teams to take note of.

The Year 8 team was looking to repeat last year’s heroics and win our Central Zone again. We only narrowly won in 2017, surviving a draw with Balmoral Intermediate to come out on top, so we knew 1st place would be a tough challenge. We started off with a wobble, losing 8-5 to a very strong Kowhai Intermediate side. However, from there the team gelled much better and went through the rest of the day without losing a game, placing second and qualifying for Interzones along with the Year 7 team.

Between the Year 7 and Year 8 teams, we scored 3 goals for every 1 goal conceded during Central Zones - a total of 147 goals in one day!