Central Zone Girls Basketball 2019

This year the CZ Girls Basketball Team brought a strong energetic attitude throughout their 9 games. We managed to arrive at our first game only minutes before the match in which the girls fought hard to defeat St.Cuthberts. Next up was Mt. Roskill, who really challenged us with their aggression. However, our team came out on top with their non-stop commitment and determination. I was so impressed with the new found confidence the girls gained while carrying the ball down the court and hitting nothing but net!  BALLIN!
Despite some questionable officiating, the girls fought hard through blood and sweat (especially Jessica who fractured her finger) all day long and we ended up playing Mt. Roskill for 7th place. This game was a real nail biter, with constant back and forth baskets. However, our girls persevered once again and pulled off a win by only one basket, that placed us 7th out of 16 teams! It was an amazing day to watch a group of talented, athletic and genuine girls work together to defeat some very skilled teams!