Celebrating Maths Success At Remuera Intermediate - ICAS Maths

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year. New Zealand Schools compete with students from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific countries.

Certificates are awarded on the following scale:

High Distinction     The top 1% of participants    

Distinction              The next 10 % of participants

Credit                      The next 25 % of participants

Merit                       The next 10 % of participants

Participation          For all remaining participants


This year Remuera Intermediate entered 105 Year 7 students and 120 Year 8 students.

The following students were awarded High Distinctions:

Year 8                         Year 7

Lyam Chung               Mia Douglas

Amy Prebble               Edward Joh

Rebecca Shen            Adam Zhao

Eric Zheng

Kristen Roxburgh

Remuera Intermediate students were also awarded 32 Distinction Awards.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this international assessment competition.

For further information, please visit www.eaa.unsw.edu.au