2022 Progress and Achievement Report

Twice a year we conduct a series of formal assessments to help us evaluate our academic programmes' effectiveness and identify areas of ongoing need. The purpose of this report is to share how our young people are achieving and to celebrate some of the outstanding results our young people have demonstrated.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the vast range of cultural, special interest, sporting and academic opportunities here at RI, learning is always our primary focus. Once again, I am extremely impressed by the achievement results of our young people. Our teachers’ dedication and commitment to success, along with the hard work of our students, has clearly paid off.

Despite the significant disruption over these past few years, the vast majority of our students have made outstanding gains in their learning with many now performing at least a year ahead of their expected level. This is particularly admirable as, for obvious reasons, many of our year 7 students arrived working at a lower level than we have seen in previous years. As we wrap up 2022 and head into 2023, academic success remains a top priority for us. Please click here for the report, we trust you find this report useful and reassuring.

Kind regards,
Kyle Brewerton