2020 Enviro Week – Week 10

Monday - Rubbish Campaign - Encourage the school population to clean up the school to better appreciate our immediate environment.

Tuesday - Transport Shift away from cars - A general push for more students to travel by more sustainable means walk, bike or scooter etc. rather than drive in a car to and from school. A Google Form will be sent out to all students providing the necessary information.

Wednesday - 2040? A screening of a film that strongly promotes the environment by imagining life in twenty years.

Thursday - Sustainable Activity - Create a space for a design activity related to environmental messages in the Media Room. Posters can be designed on computers in order for them to be more sustainable rather than creating on paper. Prizes will be given out for the most innovative designs.

Friday – Quiz - Run in the Hall where teams can represent each class to demonstrate their knowledge about environmental concerns.

This is an initiative that is co-hosted by The Social Changency and the RI Enviro Squad who will prepare all the resources to keep the activities of the week sustained. The Social Changency will create a video to promote these activities that can be played in classrooms if there are no Assemblies.

The activities will mostly take place during lunchtimes with some specific initiative each day. The week will be so awesome and it is our hope that we can get as many school students involved.

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