Starburst Performers

Our specialist programme, Starburst Performers, allows students' personal growth through the development of dramatic and musical pieces that encourage imaginative and thrilling performance opportunities.


Year 7 students who would like to join the group are invited to audition during Term 3. There is a series of auditions and recalls before the final group is announced and formed.  The group then stays together for a full year, i.e., until mid-way through the students’ Year 8 year.

Performance Opportunities

The group is given opportunities to perform at year-level Assemblies and full-school Assemblies.  The Starburst production is performed early in Term 3 with one showing for family and friends and a lunchtime performance for students.


Rehearsals are held every Friday afternoon with some additional Sunday rehearsals leading up to the mid-year production.

Starburst Performers Co-ordinator

Kris Zemke