William Pike Challenge

The William Pike Challenge (WPC) is an outdoor education programme, similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award but aimed at intermediate school students.  The WPCwas developed by William Pike, an outdoor enthusiast and teacher who was caught in a volcanic eruption on Mt Ruapehu in 2007, resulting in him losing his right leg.  William was motivated by his accident to create the WPC to provide young New Zealanders with a pathway to new outdoor experiences. 

WPC Values

The core values instilled and nurtured in students through the WPC are Courage, Teamwork, Resilience, Compassion, Pride and Enthusiasm.  These values are important for any person to develop and match closely with our own School values. 

What does the WPC Programme Involve?

  • Complete six outdoor activities.  Activities are held in the local area, organised by the school and run jointly by teachers and outdoor activity provider.
  • Develop a new sport, skill or hobby. This is chosen and undertaken completely independently by the pupils, monitored by the project leader.
  • Undertake 20+ hours of community service. This is organised and undertaken completely independently by students with support from the project leader.

Students also meet weekly to check in with the project leader and get information and training on the activities to come.

Who Can Apply?

Late each year, Year 7 students can attend a WPC Launch Evening after which they are invited to apply to complete the WPC during Year 8.  Approximately 30 students are able to participate each year.


We currently do not any financial sponsors to help make the WPC programme more financially viable. If you are a business owner and would be interested in financially supporting this programme, please contact the school office.

William Pike Leader

Sophie Sills sophies@remint.school.nz

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