Exchange Programmes

RI has a sister-school relationship with Befu Elementary School in Fukuoka in Japan and Tahuna Normal Intermediate School in Dunedin.  Each year 30 students are chosen for an exchange to each of these schools. 

The objectives for these exchanges are:

  • To provide an opportunity for our students to develop understanding, knowledge and an appreciation of other cultures. 
  • To provide opportunities for comparing lifestyles. 
  • To foster ongoing friendships. 
  • To develop skills of interdependency and social integration.

Japan Exchange

Year 7 and Year 8 students interested in visiting Japan are invited to submit an application in March. The exchange is approximately two weeks long and occurs around September. Students are accompanied by RI staff.

Every second year, RI hosts a reciprocal visit from students and teachers from Befu Elementary School. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of our School to experience some Japanese culture and to share our culture.  Befu students are billeted with RI families.

Dunedin Exchange

Students and teachers from Tahuna Intermediate visit RI around May each year.  Tahuna students are billeted with RI families for a week.  RI students who wish to host a billet are invited to apply in April.

In May each year, applications are called for Year 7 and Year 8 students who would like participate in the reciprocal Dunedin Exchange.  The exchange is approximately ten days long and occurs in August.  Students are accompanied by RI staff.