The Arts

One of the most memorable experiences for many people is their involvement in performance groups at school.  We are very proud of our outstanding programmes offered to students in The Arts.  Our highly skilled and devoted team of teachers provide a wide range of exciting opportunities for students, which encourage excellence and growth in a well-rounded education.


Students at Remuera Intermediate develop a great passion for music within a stimulating environment in our purpose built music department which rings with the sounds of a diverse range of musical styles from early in the morning till late afternoon. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of musical opportunities through our specialist classroom programme. 

In Year 7 all students enjoy a six week music programme with two classes per week.  During the programme students learn ukulele, keyboard and song writing skills using Garage Band.  

In Year 8 students can opt to delve further into Music for two hours per week over approximately 12 weeks.  The programme incorporates keyboard, drum kit, bass guitar, electric guitar and computer music writing skills.  All students in Year 8 form rock bands and perform to their class, teachers, parents and peers.


Developing movement skills through dance opens new doors for many students and allows them to express themselves in a creative form.  RI offers a varied programme in dance, exposing students to different styles within the curriculum.

All students enjoy two terms of dance incorporating practical sessions with dance theory and literacy.  Year 7 students are introduced to dance through Hip hop with teacher in residence Richie Cesan followed by a term of Creative dance led by their classroom teacher.

Year 8 students begin the year with a focus on Ritual and Cultural dances followed by a term learning Ballroom and Latin in a programme called “Dance Like the Stars” taught by champion dancer Aaron Gilmore.

Performance Arts

At our School students derive enormous benefit from the creative experiences offered through their Performing Arts lessons.  Gaining dramatic skills enhances self-confidence and self-awareness allowing students to achieve through self-discovery while working collaboratively with peers.

Visual Arts

Appreciation of Visual Art challenges and stimulates students through an array of means.  RI is extremely fortunate in the outstanding resources available for the Visual Arts, allowing students to discover their artistic abilities using a diverse range of mediums and techniques. Student art work is exhibited within the community throughout the year and our School is greatly enhanced by the variety and beauty of student creations adorning our walls.

In Year 7 all students enjoy a six week art programme with two classes per week.  In Year 8 students can opt to further explore the Visual Arts for two hours per week over approximately 12 weeks. 

In Term 4, Year 7 students are invited to apply to take part in an Enrichment Art programme on Fridays, mentored by a group of Year 8 students.  Year 8 students are also offered the opportunity to apply for Enrichment Art on a Friday afternoon over two terms.