Health and Physical Education

Our Health and Physical Education programme contributes to the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole by promoting positive and responsible attitudes.  It is designed to give students skills to cope with a variety of situations that they might encounter in their lives.  This is accomplished through a number of teaching units that include Self Esteem, Keeping Ourselves Safe, Understanding Changes at Puberty, Kia Kaha (anti bullying), Bodywise, Firewise and Community Action.

Students are encouraged to improve their fitness levels, motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.  An emphasis is placed on assisting students to acquire many of the skills required to play a range of large and small ball games.  Athletics, cross country and orienteering skills and techniques, are also taught. 

Students are afforded the opportunity to utilise these skills through participating in schoolwide sporting activities as well as on a higher level when representing RI against other schools.  Developing our students’ positive attitudes towards physical activity is also an important focus of the programme.

During Year 7 and 8, students will do fitness, PE and health sessions with their classroom teacher.  This ensures coverage of the Key Areas of Learning that underpin the curriculum: outdoor education, sport studies, physical activity, mental health, food and nutrition, body care and physical safety.