Digital Technologies (ICT)

Our Digital Technology Strategy recognises the important role technology plays in achieving the wider aims and aspirations of our School.  The strategy considers three aspects of digital technologies:

  • Learning through digital technologies – using technology to enhance teaching and learning throughout the curriculum
  • Learning about digital technologies – ensuring our students are being equipped with core technology skills
  • Learning with digital technologies – utilising technology to maximise the efficiency of school processes and communication to support our teaching and learning goals

RI is part of a working group of local schools that meets to discuss digital technology developments and strategies.

Learning Through Digital Technologies

Google docs is utilised school-wide and across a variety of curriculum areas to support collaborative learning and to allow students to access their work from any location, including at home.   All students have an Ultranet account that teachers use to communicate work and that students can use to provide feedback to classmates.  This facilitates sharing of information and creates a community of learning.

In addition to the Information Centre, all classrooms are equipped with smartboards and pods of laptops and iPads are available to teachers.  Each syndicate also has its own pod of chromebooks.  Teachers encourage students to utilise devices where they can enhance the learning experience.

Learning About Digital Technologies

All Year 7 students undertake a presentation assessment and classes make use of the Information Centre to learn about various aspects of digital technologies.  Increased access to a range of devices and integration of digital technologies into a wide range of curriculum areas ensures all students have ample opportunity to utilise digital technologies in a variety of ways.

A weekly “Introduction to Coding” course will be offered as part of our extra-curricula programme for students who are interested in extending their digital technology skills.

Learning With Digital Technologies

Our recently upgraded management information system has new functionality that is being gradually implemented to improve management systems and support teachers.  Email facilities and a comprehensive web site are already in place to support communication with our community.  The introduction of email newsletters has further streamlined these communications as well as the development of additional electronic interfaces including parent portals for payments and to view students’ work.