Following are some of the assessment tools used by teachers to gain information about student achievement and progress and to keep parents informed.

ASTTLE – Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning

ASTTLE gives teachers and schools baseline data for setting targets and measuring student progress.  It provides learning pathways for individual students.   It identifies at which level students should be working and assists teachers in planning appropriate programmes in Maths and English.

PAT – Progressive Achievement Tests

PATs are standardised tests developed by the NZ Council for Educational Research.   Results provide teachers with information about student achievement compared to other NZ students of a similar age and same year level.   Schools can track progress from year to year.

PATs are also used to compare progress throughout a year for individual students.

ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

(formerly NSW Competitions)

Our students can opt to take part in ICAS exams to determine their achievement compared to others in NZ.

Subjects include English, Maths, Science, Digital Technologies and Spelling Bee. 

Certificates of High Distinction, Distinction, Credit and Participation are awarded.

NMSSA – National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement

Each year approximately 3% of all Year 4 and Year 8 students in NZ are randomly selected to be involved in testing for a particular curriculum area.   The results of NMSSA assessments are published and sent to school.   Teachers use NMSSA test items to compare their students’ achievement with the national results.

STAR – Supplementary Test of Achievement in Reading

STAR was developed by the NZ Council for Educational Research.  It identifies students’ ability in reading and helps teachers to group students for reading instructions.  STAR is usually used twice during the year to measure progress.

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