The School provides opportunities to learn other languages. French is part of our specialist subject programme and Te Reo Maori is taught once a week to all Yaer 8 students.

The teaching emphasis is on the communicative approach and the use of language in real-life contexts.  Extension groups are available for those students who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills. 

Tikanga Maori

Tikanga Maori is included in the curriculum in a variety of ways including discussion of the Treaty of Waitangi and NZ History in Social Studies, Maori perspective in integrated units and Maori language in classrooms.

There is an opportunity for students to become involved in the KapaHaka Group. Here they experience the training and rehearsals of a performance group as well as learning some Maori language and culture.  The group works towards performances in the School and community and gives traditional welcomes to visitors of our School.