william pike challenge award

William Pike Challenge 2019 – Puhoi

The William Pike Challenge is under way already! Wasting no time at all, the Challenge Group for 2019 were straight into the thick of it in Week 2. 
While the day initially seemed to be nothing but brilliant sunshine, the weather had much more in store for our trip to Puhoi. After a morning of team building and preparation by the river, we dropped into the water on our kayaks ready for action.
The first challenge of the year? To kayak from Puhoi all the way down the river to Wenderholm. 

William Pike 2018 - Last Trip

Our last William Pike Challenge trip of the year and one of the best! Camping at Wenderholm in Bivvies, kayaking up the Puhoi River, raft building, hiking, team challenges, BBQ and sausages it had everything! It was a truely wonderful way to send of this year’s lovely group of William Pikelets.

William Pike 2018 - Waipu Caves

The William Pike challenge award saw the students head up to Waipu Caves for their next outdoor challenge. This adventure was exploring the Waipu caves and also Rock climbing and abseiling. The caves are a very exciting and challenging cave system, which is full of tight squeezes, rivers, incredibly dark spaces and of course glow worms! This is one of the most challenging and confronting trips for the students, as being in the depths of the caves is a very new and difficult environment.

William Pike Challenge 2018

Term Two has been a massive term for the students involved in the William Pike Challenge - Three outdoor trips, three epic memories, three challenges that put the students outside their comfort zone.

William Pike Goat Island Trip 2018

After an hour and a half on the bus which left RI at 8am, the William Pikelets arrive at the Goat Island Marine Reserve to begin their first WPCA trip of 2018.