Our People

Senior Management

Name Senior Management Email Address
Kyle Brewerton Principal principal@remint.school.nz
Tom Beckett Deputy Principal tomb@remint.school.nz
Robert Rasmussen Head of Year 7 robertr@remint.school.nz
Robin Gatfield Head of Year 8 robing@remint.school.nz

Classroom Teachers

Classes are organised into syndicates with a Team Leader

Year 7
Room Name Email Address
Room 11 Anne McDonnell annem@remint.school.nz
Room 12 Pamela Clydesdale pamelac@remint.school.nz
Room 13 Shane Dalton shaned@remint.school.nz
Room 14 Katrina Earl katrinae@remint.school.nz
Room 15 Debbie Penisula debbiep@remint.school.nz
Room 16 Cameron Olliff camerono@remint.school.nz
Room 17 Megan McGaw (TL) meganm@remint.school.nz
Room 18 Shirley Christie shirleyc@remint.school.nz
Room 19 Carl Maskell carlm@remint.school.nz
Room 20 Alexandra Hah alexh@remint.school.nz
Room 21 Angela Karl (TL) angelak@remint.school.nz
Room 22 Kelly Lynch kellyl@remint.school.nz
Room 23 Harmony Weston harmonyw@remint.school.nz
Room 24 Deborah Bartlett (TL) deborahb@remint.school.nz
Year 8
Room Name Email Address
Room 1 John Houston johnh@remint.school.nz
Room 2 Jason Waite jasonw@remint.school.nz
Room 3 Juliet McGarry julietm@remint.school.nz
Room 4 Debbie Western (TL) debbiew@remint.school.nz
Room 5 Alan Whitehouse alanw@remint.school.nz
Room 6 Alaric Nichols alaricn@remint.school.nz
Room 6 Kristin Roscherr kristinr@remint.school.nz
Room 7 Julie Miller (TL) juliem@remint.school.nz
Room 8 Rebecca Collins rebeccac@remint.school.nz
Room 9 Holly Hunter hollyh@remint.school.nz
Room 10 Jacqui O'Donnell (TL) jacquio@remint.school.nz
Room 25 John van Mulbregt johnv@remint.school.nz
Room 26 Linda Shaw lindas@remint.school.nz
Room 27 Pip Faulknor (TL) pipf@remint.school.nz
Room 28 Lewis Wallace lewisw@remint.school.nz

Specialist Teachers

Subject Name Email Address
Art Billie Sturgiss billies@remint.school.nz
Bio-Tech Natasha Jeffrey natashaj@remint.school.nz
Drama, Media Kris Zemke krisz@remint.school.nz
Food Technology Sonja Potter sonjap@remint.school.nz
French, Music Jane Gordon janeg@remint.school.nz
Hard Materials Geoffrey MacCulloch geoffreym@remint.school.nz
Japanese Joanne McNeil joannem@remint.school.nz
Music Veronica Shiloh veronicas@remint.school.nz
Soft Materials Lorraine Herbert lorraineh@remint.school.nz
Te Reo Odie Johnson odiej@remint.school.nz
Violin Dr John Thomson

Part Time Teachers

Name Email Address
Marguerita Muirhead margueritam@remint.school.nz
Kristin Roscherr kristinr@remint.school.nz
Christine Teesdale christinet@remint.school.nz
Claire Bentley claireb@remint.school.nz
Lorraine Nicholls lorrainen@remint.school.nz

Learning Support

Area Name Email Address
ESOL/Literacy Support Jan Hedges janh@remint.school.nz
Learning Support Unit Richard Peters richardp@remint.school.nz
Special Needs Rosey Dodson roseyd@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Claudia Thomas claudiat@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Linda Blackmore lindab@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Joshua Christensen joshuac@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Peter McErlane peterm@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Kim Mercer kimm@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Szu Wong szuw@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide May Tihore mayt@remint.school.nz
Teacher Aide Sarah Vujcich sarahv@remint.school.nz

Administrative Support

Area Name Email Address
Administration, Enrolment Officer Christine Cranfield christinec@remint.school.nz
Administration Paula Hughes paulah@remint.school.nz
Administration Janne Rochat janner@remint.school.nz
Finance Jan Covacich janc@remint.school.nz
Finance Giok Choong giokc@remint.school.nz
Librarian Jenny Inverarity jennyi@remint.school.nz
Property Manager John Smyth johns@remint.school.nz
Reception Mandy Byrne mandyb@remint.school.nz
Reception Lorraine Lusis lorrainel@remint.school.nz
Reception Margaret Khoong margaretk@remint.school.nz
Resource Manager Jossie Dunlop jossied@remint.school.nz

Curriculum Managers

Subject Name Email Address
English Rebecca Collins rebeccac@remint.school.nz
English (Leader Support) Debbie Western debbiew@remint.school.nz
Mathematics Megan McGaw meganm@remint.school.nz
PE/Health John van Mulbregt johnv@remint.school.nz
Science Alaric Nichols alaricn@remint.school.nz
Social Sciences Shirley Christie shirleyc@remint.school.nz
Technology Lorraine Herbert lorraineh@remint.school.nz
The Arts Pip Faulknor pipf@remint.school.nz

School Support

Area Name Email Address
ICT Alan Whitehouse alanw@remint.school.nz
ICT Jacqui O'Donnell jacquio@remint.school.nz
Sports Co-ordination Janet Lowe janetl@remint.school.nz
Sports Co-ordination Lorraine Herbert lorraineh@remint.school.nz