William Pike Goat Island Trip 2018

After an hour and a half on the bus which left RI at 8am, the William Pikelets arrive at the Goat Island Marine Reserve to begin their first WPCA trip of 2018.

We enter the Discovery Center and sit ourselves facing a member of the staff from the Marine Reserve, who introduces us to new species of fish, such as the Goat Fish, Red Moki and Blue Cod through a slideshow presentation. After exploring the touch tanks and examining creatures underneath a microscope, the kids say their thanks to the Marine Reserve staff and head back to the bus for Ti Point for snorkelling. We ready ourselves in wetsuits and slip into the frigid waters after learning how to properly handle snorkelling wear. Several adults lead us through the water before leaving us free to snorkel around independently. Through the slight murkiness in the waters, we see schools of fish alongside clumps of seaweed!

Before we know it, our time for snorkelling is up. Though we were reluctant to leave so soon, we manage to convince the adults to allow us to do whatever on the wharf. After many flips, cannonballs and splashes, we are told to get back into our mufti clothes of which we came in and to get ready to leave.

The William Pikelets arrange themselves on the bus with no fuss, all tired but happy with our day. The sound of chatter crescendos, likewise of the bus engine roaring to life.