William Pike Challenge

Term Two has been a massive term for the students involved in the William Pike Challenge - Three outdoor trips, three epic memories, three challenges that put the students outside their comfort zone.

The first trip was our overnight survival challenge, the students had to plan and organise their packs for the hike to and from camp. This challenged them to pack lightly, but efficiently, where some students excelled and some learnt how heavy a pack can be after 10km! The students learnt outdoor survival skills, cooked their dinner over an open flame and set up their own campsite to sleep in. The students got to hear wonderful and hilarious stories around the campfire from our bigfoot instructors while roasting marshmallows.

Our second trip was surfing out at Muriwai Beach and exploring Maori Bay and the Gannet Colony. Surfing on a sunny day in small waves is a good amount of fun but surfing in 6 foot west coast swell in the middle of winter is a ridiculous amount of fun! The students learnt about surf life saving skills, how to read a beach for rips and currents and how hard it is to stand up on a surfboard!

Our third and last event of the term was mountain biking out at Woodhill. This is an action packed, adrenaline fueled day racing up and down the mountain bike trails. Even for the expert riders in our group this is a challenging day, testing their courage and skills as they deftly navigate the runs at Woodhill. The students learnt all about safety while on the trails, how to position themselves correctly while going downhill and most importantly how to lead and support each other in group situations.