Important Reminders

Here at Remuera Intermediate we pride ourselves in having high expectations that are supported by all members of our school community. Adhering to these expectations ensures the school runs smoothly whilst keeping everyone safe and ready for learning. Your support in following the points outlined below is much appreciated.

Home and School Communication
With over 900 students we are reducing waste by limiting communication to the following online formats. It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct contact details and that you check these regularly.
Email - All communication will be sent via email as we hold at least one email address for all parents/caregivers.  
School App – Alerts will be pushed through the School App to advise that communications have gone out and to check your emails – if you have not received the email please check your SPAM and Junk folders.  Failing that please contact to check what email address we hold on file.
School website – The website has all up to date information  and copies of messages we send out such as newsletter, notices, events etc. You can use the search function to find specific information.

Sick Children
Please note if your child is unwell please DO NOT send them to school.  Bugs and viruses spread through the school very quickly.  Should we ring you to pick up your child from school, you need to pick them up promptly or to arrange for somebody else to pick them up.  We only have a two bed sick bay.

Leaving school early
Kindly ensure you phone the school office 522 9890 or email us at if your child will be leaving school during school time. This notice needs to be received by midday. With over 900 children it is difficult to locate students at short notice.

School Phones
The school telephone is only allowed to be used by students in an emergency.  All too frequently we are having children phoning parents to pick them up after school, change arrangements, forgotten PE gear etc.  This will now not be permitted.

Cash Payments
With most payments now being made online we ask that you send the correct change when paying by cash, as we hold very little cash on the premises so are unable to give out change easily.

Road Safety
Parking is not permitted at any time in the school carparks.  There is parking on St Vincent Avenue or Ascot Avenue. Please do not use the carpark as a drop off/pick up area before and after school unless expressly permitted by the school for obvious safety reasons.

St Vincent Avenue and Ascot Avenue
Both these roads get very busy in the mornings so please make sure you park correctly and get your children to look out for traffic before crossing the road.  Parents also please be courteous to other parents who are dropping off their children – both roads are very busy so everyone needs to be on the lookout. Also, please do not park across driveways or on yellow lines – this is illegal, dangerous and holds up other traffic.  

Thank you all again for your support in keeping Remuera Intermediate running smoothly and safely.