Cross Country 2018


We ran our school Cross Country event one wet lunchtime with three laps around the school perimeter. Four teams of 8 students went on to compete at the Central Zone Competition held on Friday 31 August at Waiatarua Reserve.  


The day was fine after heavy rain on the Wednesday (the original event day). The course was fun, set around rain filled “ponds and swamps”.  Runners crossed the finish line with mud all up their legs, shorts and shirts.  Our teams all gained a podium finish, with the three 1st place teams going on to run in the Interzone Cross Country Championships at Muriwai Beach on Tuesday 04 September.

William Beny                        Year 8 Boys Team - 1st

Coen Anderson                    Year 7 Boys Team - 2nd

Kayo Findsen                       Year 7 Girls Team - 3rd

1st - Year 7 Girls Team, Year 7 Boys Team, Year 8 Boys Team

3rd - Year 8 Girls Team, 9th placing individual - Tegan Feringa


This was held on Tuesday 04 September with the course set at Muriwai Beach and the inland track.

The weather was beautiful, but a bit chilly on the beach.

Our successes were:

Coen Anderson                 Year 7 Boys Team - 14th

Kayo Findsen                    Year 7 Girls Team - 14th

William Beny                     Year 8 Boys Team -  3rd

Year 7 Boys Team came 1st and thus are the Auckland Cross Country Champions 2018!