Central Zones Table Tennis Tournament

On Thursday 21 June 2018 nine excited team members descended on the Auckland Table Tennis Centre in Gillies Avenue to play in the Central Zones Tournament.

Our team comprised of 6 boys and 3 girls:

Justin Chao and Omesh Gupta - Year 8 Boys Doubles Team
Came 2nd in the finals. Lost by one point to ANI in the 5th game

David Li and Jayden Cheung - Year 7 Boys Doubles Team 
Won all their 5 round games to enter the quarter finals

Monique Lewis and Emily Mitchell - Year 8 Girls Doubles Team
After coming runner up in 2017 they went away with the 1st place trophy this year

Taylor Yi - Year 8 Boys Singles
Won all 5 round games to qualify for the quarter finals

Keanu King - Year 7 Boys Singles
1st place

Holly Lightbourne - Year 8 Girls Singles 

Everyone had a great time, showed great skill and excellent sportsmanship.