Central Zones Swimming Competition

On 07 March 2018 a team of 21 swimmers represented our school at the above competition held at Diocesan School Pool in Epsom.

These swimmers were:

Year 7 Girls - Carolyn Yu, Kimora Iakopo, Taylor Laird-Ramirez, S.J. Wong See, Stella Cook, Leila Daniels

Year 7 Boys - Addison Randall, Coen Anderson, Michael Zeng, Benjamin Lowe, Hunter Clark

Year 8 Girls - Hannah Henson, Abby Davidson, Kitty Yang, Charlotte Wood

Year 8 Boys - Edward Joh, Justin Chao, Taylor Ah Chee, Oliver Sargison, Zachary Chung

This was a thrilling day with over 14 schools competing.  Our students swam their hearts out.

We achieved the best ever result with 11 swimmers achieving either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

The Boys freestyle relays were thrilling to watch, with the Year 7 Boys team and the Year 8 Boys teams beating the field, and both winning 1st place.  Edward Joh and Oliver Sargison were neck and neck in some races.


These 11 swimmers will now compete in the CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS  (Auckland Inter-zone ) competition on Friday 06 April 2018 also at Diocesan School Pool

Carolyn Yu
Kimora Iakopo
Addison Randall
Coen Anderson
Michael Zeng
Edward Joh
Justin Chao
Taylor Ah Chee
Oliver Sargison
Benjamin Lowe
Hannah Henson

If they win a 1st placing they will be presented with the coveted school sports badge!